Boxy 2.0.1 Download

A vagrant box that provisions Oracle Database 12c Release 2 automatically, using Vagrant, the latest Oracle Linux 7 box and a shell script.


  1. Install Oracle VM VirtualBox
  2. Install Vagrant

Getting started

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  1. Clone this repository git clone
  2. Change into version folder (
  3. First time only (see #5): Download the Oracle Database 12c Release 2 binaries linuxx64_12201_database.zipfrom
  4. Run vagrant up
  5. The first time you run this it will provision everything and may take a while. Ensure you have a good internet connection!
  6. Connect to the database.
  7. You can shut down the box via the usual vagrant halt and the start it up again via vagrant up.

Connecting to Oracle

  • Hostname: localhost
  • Port: 1521
  • OEM port: 5500
  • All passwords are password


Based on @steveswinsburg's work here:

Other info

  • If you need to, you can connect to the machine via vagrant ssh.
  • You can sudo su - oracle to switch to the oracle user.
  • The Oracle installation path is /opt/oracle/ by default.
  • On the guest OS, the directory /vagrant is a shared folder and maps to wherever you have this file checked out.


You can customize your Oracle environment by amending the environment variables in the Vagrantfile file.The following can be customized:

  • ORACLE_BASE: /opt/oracle/
  • ORACLE_HOME: /opt/oracle/product/

Known issues


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vCenter Converter Standalone
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vCenter Converter Standalone

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VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Open Source
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