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    Mac OS X

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    Panic, Inc. / Coda for Mac

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Coda is a developer tool that gives you all the tools for building web applications in an innovative one-window web development environment. By having Coda installed on your Mac, you can eliminate the need of having five or six separate programs for coding, testing and reference, making your project management much more streamlined and easier to manage form the dashboard of just a single versatile app.
Upon starting the tool, you will be greeted with the list of your favorite applications (called “Sites” by the app). From there, you can click on any one of them and be transported on the last position where you left your work before, with all connections to servers, splits and tabs quickly restored to their previous state. Coda for macOS has six core sections, all accessible via intuitive tabbed interface at the top of the application. Those tabs are Sites (your current projects, with your own set of files, FTP settings, access to both local and remote versions of site, and perfect save synchronization so that you can always resume your work at moment’s notice), Edit, Preview, CSS, Terminal and Books. In addition to those core tools, the app also has a powerful FTP client, code or content editor, support for collaboration via Bonjour network, command-line utility and plugins that are created either with the internal scripting tool “Coda Plug-in Creator” or via many other popular programming languages (Cocoa, AppleScript, Perl…).
What have it added to Coda lately?
This is huge! Teach the app new tricks, and extend its functionality, lickety-split. Download plug-ins that others have written, or write your own plug-ins using your favorite scripting language. This is just the beginning — learn more in the Coda Developer Zone. We look forward to seeing what you make!
Open quickly
Hit Control-Q to instantly access the Open Quickly window. Type a few letters of the local file you want to edit, anywhere in your site. Ka-jang! Instantly open it. It's Spotlight for your website files!
Smart Spelling
Spell check your words — not your code. And in macOS 10.5, do it as you type!
Work with a team using the most popular source control system there is, baked right into the sidebar. Check out code, update, commit changes — yep, the program just saved you even more time.
Find across files
You can now find and replace text across multiple local files — open files, files in a specific folder, or the files in your 'site' — using the same sleek, inline search bar you know and love.
Note: 7 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.
  • Hey everyone. I really LOVE Coda, but it’s not for Windows. I would like to find an equivalent to this.

    Download Parallels Desktop for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Most powerful solution for running Windows on Mac without rebooting. Parallels desktop business edition 12.0.2 (41353) download free. Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro and Business Edition subscribers, and Parallels Toolbox for Mac subscribers, also receive free updates of additional tools which will be made available every quarter. Initial features include: - Simply capture screen shots or record video of a screen, window, or area.

    I know loads of people will recommend Notepad ++ and Filezilla combo, but the thing I love about Coda is the ability to edit files while they are on the server, without downloading them, or editing them while they’re in a temp directory.

    Please help!!

    @Habbakuk I can see why someone would want it – I used to make use of E-TextEditor and it’s FTP capabilities. Basically you sacrifice security (the backups / version control) for speed and ease of use.

    I’ve been using Sublime Text 2 for Windows. Doesn’t come close to Coda on my Mac at home, but it gets the job done when I’m forced into using Windows!

    The only thing close to CODA on a Windows PC is Adobe Dreamweaver… I use it most of the time in collab. with Notepad++

    @kemie I’ve never heard of Stylizer before. looks pretty promising :) Will check it out, thank you!

    I’m really shocked people still use Dreamweaver. I used it for less than a day and never went back to it. Sublime Text is the best program I’ve found so far. @JamyGolden found an FTP plugin for it so it is a possible feature.

    I will recommend Dreamweaver CS5/CS6.
    Else Sublime Text 2. I love both of them.

    I love Dreamweaver CS6 because it combines so many things that otherwise I would have to use distinct separate software + plugins for. Sure it’s heavy handed somes time and it’s live view is clunky (which is why I don’t use it) preferring to just view in browser.

    However, I have hopes for Adobe Brackets which looks like it could be Coda-like

    the only thing i use dreamweaver for is html emails.
    for everything else there’s sublime text 2.

    Sublime text 2 is by far the best
    I also use Aptana for remote editing when needed

    @cnwtx, are you saying that you build html eblasts by hand?!?!

    honestly though, dreamweaver has come a long way.

    i still couldnt imagine using it as my primary code editor considering how unbelievably awesome sublime text 2 is, and the fact that changing dreamweavers code coloring is one of the most tedious things evAR!

    I have just signed so I don’t have even a picture, guys what do you think about HTMLPad? I think it is a quite good text editor, I’m using it to create my code.

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