Future.dj Pro 1.6.1 Download

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Serato DJ 1.6.1

IMPORTANT: If you are downloading Serato DJ for use with Rane Hardware, please read this article on updating your device firmware.

Serato DJ now has Serato Video built into its codebase making it easier than ever to have a play with a trial version of Serato Video. New features include official support for: Windows 8, Serato Remote 1.1 with Slicer and the Pioneer CDJ850, Multiple Panels & Recording Location.

Key New Features Of Serato DJ 1.6.1

Windows 8 support
Multiple Panels

Have any combination of FX, SP6 & Video panels open at the same time.

Recording Location

Choose where you’d like to save your audio and video mixes.

Serato Remote 1.1 support

Slicer - continuously chop your playing track into eight slices, which can be re-triggered in any order using the eight performance pads.

Serato Video

This is our first major update since the release of Serato Video.

Future.dj Pro 1.6.1 Download
Video mix recording

Full recording capability of the mixed output in up to 1080p.

Audio/ Video Linked FX

Use FX on audio and visuals simultaneously.

Free Visualiser content from I Love QC *

Five unique Quartz Compositions that will react to the audio playing.

Syphon Support *

Share the Serato Video output with third party apps in real time. Bettersnaptool 1.9 download full.

Windows 8 support and Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks support

*Only available for Mac users.

Read the full Serato DJ 1.6.1 release notes.

  • App Details
  • Publisher AVCR
  • OS Android
  • Size 83M
  • Version 7.2.7
  • MOD Features Unlocked
  • Get it on Google Play

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MOD Info

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