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Two solutions were found :

  1. x= 0.0000 - 0.8660 i
  2. x= 0.0000 + 0.8660 i

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Step by step solution :

Step 1 :

Equation at the end of step 1 :

Step 2 :

Polynomial Roots Calculator :

2.1 Find roots (zeroes) of : F(x) = 4x2+3
Polynomial Roots Calculator is a set of methods aimed at finding values of x for which F(x)=0
Rational Roots Test is one of the above mentioned tools. It would only find Rational Roots that is numbers x which can be expressed as the quotient of two integers
The Rational Root Theorem states that if a polynomial zeroes for a rational number P/Q then P is a factor of the Trailing Constant and Q is a factor of the Leading Coefficient
In this case, the Leading Coefficient is 4 and the Trailing Constant is 3.
The factor(s) are:
of the Leading Coefficient : 1,2 ,4
of the Trailing Constant : 1 ,3
Let us test ..

P Q P/Q F(P/Q) Divisor
-1 1 -1.00 7.00
-1 2 -0.50 4.00
-1 4 -0.25 3.25
-3 1 -3.00 39.00
-3 2 -1.50 12.00
-3 4 -0.75 5.25
1 1 1.00 7.00
1 2 0.50 4.00
1 4 0.25 3.25
3 1 3.00 39.00
3 2 1.50 12.00
3 4 0.75 5.25

Polynomial Roots Calculator found no rational roots

Equation at the end of step 2 :

Step 3 :

Solving a Single Variable Equation :

3.1 Solve : 4x2+3 = 0
Subtract 3 from both sides of the equation :
4x2 = -3
Divide both sides of the equation by 4:
x2 = -3/4 = -0.750

When two things are equal, their square roots are equal. Taking the square root of the two sides of the equation we get:
x = ± √ -3/4
In Math, i is called the imaginary unit. It satisfies i2 =-1. Both i and -i are the square roots of -1
Accordingly, -3/4 =
-1• 3/4 =
-1 •√ 3/4 =
i 3/4
The equation has no real solutions. It has 2 imaginary, or complex solutions.
x= 0.0000 + 0.8660 i
x= 0.0000 - 0.8660 i

Two solutions were found :

  1. x= 0.0000 - 0.8660 i
  2. x= 0.0000 + 0.8660 i

Processing ends successfully

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