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What's new in this version:

MacUpdater 1.5.1
- Fixed problem where app-info window would open delayed or not at all
- Prevent MacUpdater from being quit while installing updates
- Re-add option to always ignore updates with default options
- Finder tags will now be preserved when updating apps
- Added workaround for a bug in macOS 10.13 which could cause very rare crashes
- Improved reliability of displayed release-dates
- Reduced memory consumption
MacUpdater 1.5.0
- IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.13
- Added advanced filter options for displayed apps, e.g. hide all major upgrades
- Added ability to sort apps by any column, including the 'update type'
- Added options to show release dates of all updates directly in the app table
- Added options to ignore updates just for a specified time ('snooze')
- Added option to display an animated scan-arrow instead of the static arrow
- Added new all-new dialoge for management of all your ignored updates
- Added options to set reminders for clearing ignored apps and updates
- Added helping animation to explain that app-info buttons can be clicked
- Added ability to resize MacUpdater's window in width in addition to height
- Added option to skip scheduled scan when the Mac is on battery power
- Added options to change the fonts being used in the app-list
- Added options to change the red & green colors used in the app-list
- Added keyboard shortcuts for all possible operations, see 'Read Me' for details
- Added option to recover a lost license-code from the Documentation tab
- Added option to 'activate' with an existing license-code from the Documentation tab
- Added workaround to a bug in macOS 10.15 'Catalina' where the window would 'blink'
- Added workaround to a bug in macOS where the menubar would not be clickable
- Added option for the threshold after how many days scans are started immediately
- Display the current size of the backup folders contents in the preferences
- Display ignored apps and folders that don't exist anymore with red text color
- Display more information about apps and updates in the app-info window
- Fixed issue with updating apps that update themselves at the same time
- Fixed issue where some rare apps would not show the correct 'Latest Version'
- Fixed issue where the window would reset to its default height
- Fixed issue with VoiceOver and Accessibility support
MacUpdater 1.4.18
- Important: make sure you have build '6420' if you plan to upgrade to 'Catalina'
- Fixed possible crashes when activating your license on macOS 'Catalina' 10.15
- Fixed need to re-enter license key upon update to macOS 'Catalina' 10.15
- Fixed issue where failed updates would not properly update the menu icon
- Fixed issue where failed updates would not be saved upon quitting
- Improved cleanup after updating apps from APFS-formatted disk images
MacUpdater 1.4.17
- MacUpdater is now localized into French thanks to Corentin Cras-Méneur
- MacUpdater will now check free disk space before applying updates
- Add hidden option to define used colors to aid color-blind users (see ReadMe)
- Fix problem where MacUpdater would scan twice when used for the very first time
- Improve reliability and stability in some corner-cases
MacUpdater 1.4.16
- MacUpdater will now show the app icon in the update progress display sheet
- Implement workarounds for bugs in macOS 10.15 beta versions
- Implement more reliable algorithm to find updates in DMG/ZIP archives
- Improve reliability and stability in some corner-cases
MacUpdater 1.4.15
- Detect when the macOS 'Quarantine' could prevent MacUpdater from updating itself
- Improved reliability and performance in some cases
- Fix 'hang' after trying to decompress rare ZIP files like from 'Signal'
- Prevent possible problems with 'Version Expired' dialoge forcing a 'Quit'
MacUpdater 1.4.14
- Important: fixed bug in v1.4.13 where major upgrades could result in broken apps
- Fixed problem where MacUpdater could Quit with an 'Expired Copy' immediately
MacUpdater 1.4.13
- MacUpdater can now directly display the release-notes of many more apps
- Fixed problem where tryout-info could show up for a split-second in licensed copies
- Fixed problem where update-check dialog could show up when opening MacUpdater's window
- Fixed rare issue where MacUpdater could send 'scan deferred' notifications every second
- Fixed rare issue on older macOS where available updates would not be shown
- Fixed rare issue on older macOS where 'Update App' would be shown without functionality
- Fixed multiple minor localisation issues
- Improved stability and reliability in some corner cases
MacUpdater 1.4.12
- Added preliminary support for macOS 10.15 'Catalina'
- Made aborting scans more reliable and also accessible through a menu-item
- Changed keyboard shortcut for aborting scans to Command-Escape
- Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to 'BR Lingo'
- Fixed rare problem when updating apps with broken permissions through admin authorization
- Fixed an extremely rare crash
MacUpdater 1.4.11
- Improved reliability and app support
- Fixed possible problem where apps would have '.app' suffix in MacUpdater
- Fixed very rare issue where some apps would be hidden in MacUpdater
- Improved security through encrypted config-file
- Updated the Russian translation thanks to Куклин Юрий
MacUpdater 1.4.10
- Improved stability and reliability
- Improved the German translation
- Fixed a problem where some apps could mistakenly be detected as '32-bit'
- Fixed a problem where you couldn't use MacUpdater if you previously tried a 'pirated' copy
- Fixed a problem where MacUpdater's keyboard shortcuts would not work anymore
- Fixed a very rare crash while scanning damaged apps
- Fixed a possible issue where 'Setapp' apps would not be properly ignored
- Updated the Spanish translation thanks to Álvaro Méndez Macías
MacUpdater 1.4.9
- Support Mac App Store apps which have different version numbers in the store and in the app
- Support Mac App Store apps which are not actually available in the Mac App Store anymore
- Improved reliability obtaining update information especially with bad internet connections
- Apps will be automatically rescanned after launching a dedicated updater-app (e.g. Adobe)
- Displayed app-names should now always match the names that the Finder is displaying
- Fixed issue where some release-notes would not show up in the app-info window
- Fixed issue where some info in the app-info window would not have the right colors
- Fixed issue where some installed apps would not show up in MacUpdater
- Fixed a very very rare crash during scan
- Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to 'BR Lingo'
- Added link to the used version information source in the app-info window
- MacUpdater is now partly localized into German
MacUpdater 1.4.8
- Improved stability and reliability
- Improved support for 'Dark Mode' even in the app-info window and the documentation
- Improved reliability of the automatic rescanning for installers and manual updates
- Fixed issue where running apps would need to be quit twice to be updated
- Fixed issue where window height would be reset when switching to the settings-tab
- Fixed issue where 'even newer version' message would prevent updating apps
- Increased compatibility with rare old apps with broken file encodings
MacUpdater 1.4.7
- Improved stability
- Added option to show a Dock icon additionally when the window is open
- Added option to enable scheduled scan although the window is open
- On-screen notification settings can now be configured in detail
MacUpdater 1.4.6
- Improved stability and reliability
- Add option to make 'Ignore this update' for DB-supported apps work similar to others
- Fixed new problem where app homepages won't be opened (since 1.4.5)
- Properly handle more updates than fit onto the screen in the menu
- Updated the Spanish translation thanks to Álvaro Méndez Macías
- MacUpdater can now explain for more apps why they are not displayed on drag&drop
MacUpdater 1.4.5
- Add options to open the app-info or re-scan apps with a double-click
- Further improved detection of the system requirements of apps
- Improved ability to mark paid upgrades when major version did not change
- Improved support for scanning a number of problematic apps
- Improved support for updating a number of problematic apps
- Fixed a new issue with bringing installers to the foreground
- Fixed issue where wrong info could be displayed for some apps on the first scan
- Fixed issue where backups of update downloads would have no file extension
- Fixed issue where a wrong explanation would be displayed in the app-info sheet
- Fixed multiple issues due to macOS returning cached data for network requests
- Updated the Russian translation thanks to Куклин Юрий
MacUpdater 1.4.4
- Provide support for 'Microsoft Teams' despite its broken version numbering
- Fixed issue where text in the status menu would not adapt to changed filter settings
- Fixed issue where installers would not be brought to the foreground
- Fixed rare crash after scanning
- Fixed rare issue where some apps would fail to be updated automatically
- Fixed rare issue where an incorrect number of outdated apps would be reported
- Fixed rare issue where MacUpdater would update an app to the same version
- Fixed rare issue where the 'Cancel Update' button would be invisible
- Fixed rare issue where 'ERROR' would be displayed as 'Installed Version'
- More reliable detection of the system requirements of apps
MacUpdater 1.4.3
- The app-info icon is now red if an app has moved out of or into the Mac App Store
- You can now find out why an app is not supported by dragging it onto the app-list
- Adding apps via drag&drop will now show an explanatory alert on failure
- Fixed issue where explanation about store-changes could be missing from app-info
- Fixed problem where automatic updates would not be available in some cases
- Fixed typos and improved spelling & grammar in the app and the documentation
- Fixed extremely rare crash while trying to update MacUpdater
- Improved error messages in some cases to be more helpful
- Improved support for hiding updates that are incompatible with the current OS
- Improved accuracy of the 'Latest Version' of apps that had no stable release yet
- Improved accuracy of the 'Latest Version' of apps with some very rare problems
- MacUpdater is now able to bring update-installers to the foreground
- Completed the Russian translation thanks to Куклин Юрий
- Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to 'BR Lingo'
MacUpdater 1.4.2
- Prevent update failures due to the Mac going to sleep during an update
- MacUpdater is now localized into Russian thanks to Куклин Юрий
- MacUpdater is now localized into Dutch thanks to Sander Goudswaard
- Added option to launch the 'Bresink Auto Updater'
- Improved names of backups of downloaded updates in some cases
- Fixed multiple issues where update-installers would not be launched
- Fixed issue where an error updating an app could cause queued updates to fail too
- Fixed issue where an incorrect 'Latest Version' would be displayed
- Fixed a rare crash when downloading apps with damaged URLs
- Fixed problem where keyboard shortcuts would not work in app-info and feedback sheets
- Fixed 'Latest Version' display for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
- Prevent the possibility of an infinite loop when loading a damaged config-file
- Reversed direction of disclosure buttons to the intended direction
MacUpdater 1.4.1
- Fixed possible crash when trying to upgrade apps with multiple installations
- Fixe rare crash when apps with missing information are installed
MacUpdater 1.4.0
- MacUpdater now has a queue so you can update multiple apps at once!
- Updates that are in-progress can now be cancelled
- You can now increase the height of MacUpdater's window to see more apps at once
- Most of the internals of MacUpdater have been rewritten for more accuracy and speed
- Show correct 'Latest Version' if your installed version is even newer (e.g. a beta)
- There are now keyboard shortcuts for all app-actions like 'Show App in Finder'
- Add option to configure the folders used for safety backups of apps or updates
- Add option to badge 'Mac App Store', '32-bit' and 'Discontinued' apps in the list
- Add option to control whether apps should be renamed during an update
- Add option to define what should happen when double-clicking an app in the list
- Add option to control whether MacUpdater should 'throttle' its scanning
- Add option to keep a specific number of backups per-app instead of in-total
- Add the ability to support apps that have not contained version numbers but now do
- MacUpdater is now fully localized into Brazilian Portuguese thanks to 'BR Lingo'
- MacUpdater is now fully localized into Spanish thanks to Álvaro Méndez Macías
- Correctly update apps like 'Thunderbird'/'OpenOffice' with localized download versions
- Improved cleanup of downloaded installer updates
- Fixed clipped 'Update App' buttons when scrollbars are set to be 'Always Visible'
- MacUpdater now changes its menubar icon while it is scanning
- Fixed problem where MacUpdater would launch the Uninstaller instead of the Installer
- Fixed problem where an installer would be launched twice
- Add hidden option (see ReadMe) not to show on-screen notifications when in front
- Fixed possible delay when trying to 'Report App Feedback'
MacUpdater 1.3.10
- Important: fix bugs related to the scheduled scan
MacUpdater 1.3.9
- Important: fix bug where scheduled scan would not be performed
- Improved support for a few apps
MacUpdater 1.3.8
- MacUpdater is now 'notarized' for increased security on 'Mojave'
- Add support for updating apps that would previously fail due to double-compression
- Fixed very rare crash when scanning some apps with broken version information
- Improved performance of scanning installed applications
- Reduced CPU-usage for scans performed in the background
- Show app-path in a tooltip when placing mouse above the app-name
- Don't offer 'Open app homepage' choice when no homepage is available
- Don't show 'All apps up-to-date' when they are just hidden due to a search-filter
- Don't perform a scheduled scan after each launch but use selected interval
- Fixed rare problem updating some apps
MacUpdater 1.3.7
- Added new FAQ entry about whether MacUpdater will re-name apps upon update
- The ReadMe has been expanded with more info about ignoring apps and updates
- When upgrading an app, use the filename of the new update and not of the old version
- When launching an installer, make sure it is brought to the foreground
- Show correct 'Latest Version' even for mislabeled versions with higher version numbers
- Fixed problem where some apps could not be updated but would show a 'download error'
- Show info in app-info-window when an app is installed multiple times
- Don't bring MacUpdater to the 'foreground' when updating an app has finished
- Prevent a rare possible crash due to system bugs in systems older than Mojave
- Prevent an extremely rare possible crash due to operating system bugs
- Fixed inability correctly show download sizes for updates larger than 2GB
- Fixed rare problem receiving from or submitting to the MacUpdater database
- Added new FAQ entry about the maximum possible manual re-scan frequency
MacUpdater 1.3.6
- Added possibility to open the homepage of many more apps
- If release-notes are unavailable, offer to view the homepage for convenience
- Fixed possible crash during the purchase of MacUpdater
- Fixed possible crash during the self-update of MacUpdater
- Fixed problem where homepage URL in app info-window cannot be clicked
- Scan the ~/Applications/ folder by default - can be turned off in the settings
MacUpdater 1.3.5
- Fixed issue where MacUpdater could not be used for free anymore
- Fixed issue where 'Mac App Store' updates could show up delayed
- Improved usability for free users by not opening the purchase window each start
- Improved stability while performing some updates
- Improved reliability for launching some 'Update Installers'
- Improved the explanations for updates that moved in, into or out of the Mac App Store
- Improved support for hiding updates that are incompatible with the current OS version
- Release notes of apps will now be displayed in the correct language (if available)
- Fixed cosmetic problems in 'Dark Mode'
MacUpdater 1.3.4
- Fixed issue where MacUpdater would not start scanning on the first launch
- Added explanation regarding the 'Microsoft Office 16.17' update
- Added full support for macOS 10.14 'Mojave' and the 'Dark Mode'
- Improved support for displaying correct version numbers for some apps
- Improved support for hiding updates that are incompatible with the current OS version
- Fixed multiple issues where it was impossible to send feedback for some apps
- Improved display of release notes of some apps
MacUpdater 1.3.3
- Fixed issue where updates could be missed due to caching by the operating system
- Add option to auto-relaunch apps that have been 'Quit' in order to apply the update
- Made 'Upgrades' easier distinguishable from normal 'Updates' through bold font
- If notifications are enabled, show a notification when scanning has finished
- Display info when launching installers for apps that are installed multiple times
- Reworded on-screen notifications so that they'll fit even when using the 'Alert' style
- Add the ability to detect the actual 'Norton Security' version despite its broken updater
- Fixed a problem where some URLs from the app-info would not be clickable for some apps
- Fixed issue where feedback that an update should be ignored couldn't be sent
- The folders-lists in the settings are middle-truncated now to differentiate long items
MacUpdater 1.3.2
- Improved support for some apps
- Prevent display of wrong version numbers due to temporary network or server failures
- Show 'app has been updated' dialog only as notification that doesn't need dismissal
- Re-scanning apps that have been uninstalled will now remove them from MacUpdater
- Improved feedback submission for apps with multiple installations or ignored updates
MacUpdater 1.3.1
- Improved support for some apps
- Fixed possible crash on older operating systems
- Fixed display of some update version numbers
- Ignored apps & updates have been reset, please re-evaluate them
MacUpdater 1.3.0
- Added all-new info-button that shows release-notes and info about the app and update
- Added or improved support for hundreds of apps
- Moved to a new database for improved accuracy and fewer beta-versions: please allow a week until the previous level of information is available
- Implemented a completely new feedback dialogue for problems regarding apps or updates: if you've previously submitted feedback that has not been addressed, please try again
- Improved scan-performance to scan faster and use less memory
- When updating apps that are currently running, MacUpdater will now offer to quit them
- Offers to open app homepages instead of launching apps during a the ‘manual update’
- Don't fail cryptically when updating apps that have been updated outside MacUpdater
- Allow more frequent manual rescans
- Accept drag & drop of apps you’ve just installed, no need for a full re-scan
MacUpdater 1.2.10
- Move to a faster server for our database backend
- Improved version display accuracy for a number of apps
- Improved detection updates performed outside of MacUpdater
- Fixed wrong date of last scan in menu
- Less beta releases should show up in the future
MacUpdater 1.2.9
- Fixed problem in v1.2.8 where MacUpdater would depend on installed 'Developer Tools'
MacUpdater 1.2.8
- Added option to menu in menubar to start a manual scan of your apps
- Fixed problems with many some updates
- Fixed problem with Spotify beta versions showing up
- Fixed updates for Firefox ESR & Chrome's Beta or Dev variants
- Fixed updates of 'Onyx' on macOS 10.14 'Mojave'
- Correctly show upgrades to other apps in the Mac App Store with lower version numbers
MacUpdater 1.2.7
- Add support for Google Chrome's Beta, Dev & Canary variants
- Fixed inability to launch some installers
- Fixed problems with updating apps on systems older than 10.13
- Fixed problems on systems where 'ruby' complains about insecure folder permissions
- Improved update-detection for some apps
- Initial support for macOS 10.14 'Mojave'
- Clean up created temp-files better
MacUpdater 1.2.6
- Improved stability
- Fixes for updating some apps
MacUpdater 1.2.5
- Improved stability
MacUpdater 1.2.4
- Improved stability
- Fixes for installing updates
- Fixes for users that use the Mac App Store of another country than their system settings
- Fixed menu-icon for 3-digit update count as well as tight-fit 1-digit update count
- Fixed list of apps with updates in menubar to be alphabetically and not reversed
- Improved version display accuracy for a number of apps
MacUpdater 1.2.3
- Fixed problem where updating apps would often fail with an 'extraction error' (since 1.2)
MacUpdater 1.2.2
- Added support for updating 'Audacity'
- Improved stability
- Fixed inability to update apps with direct .PKG download like MAMP/OneDrive (since 1.2)
- Fixed many possible problems when opening the main window during a running scan
MacUpdater 1.2.1
- Fixed problems on Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan' where MacUpdater never worked properly
- Fixed many cases where updating an app would fail
- Fixed a crash related to updating apps with Installers or the Mac App Store
- Add option to open the homepage of an app also to the (context) menu
MacUpdater 1.2.0
- Added support for updating many more apps like Sonos, Synology, etc
- Fixed errors while trying to update some apps
- Fixed version number display for some apps
- Show download URL while downloading updates
- You can now double-click an app in MacUpdater to open its homepage, if available
- Always display progress when downloading updates
- Made sure not to update non-english Firefox to an english version
- Fix problems related to unavailable config files
- Added support for tracking the Firefox ESR version
- Don't force a full re-scan when removing apps from the ignore-list
- Fixed a rare crash related to apps like 'Wacom Tablet Utility' or 'Pullover'
- Fixed a rare crash related to updating apps with Installers or the Mac App Store
- Ignore 'wineskin' apps, which have no comparable versions
MacUpdater 1.1.1
- Increased number of free app-updates from 5 to 10
- Updates installed through the MacAppStore are now detected, no need to re-scan anymore
- Change 'Update' button title to 'Upgrade' when we suspect updating might cost money
- Fix very rare crash
- Fix update check interval setting not working
- Fix scan interval setting not working
- Fix number of backups setting not working
- Fix version-display and updates of LibreOffice and Microsoft Teams
- Fix Adobe mixup
- Add new FAQ entry about why there is no 'Update-All' button
- Add new FAQ entry about the roadmap for future MacUpdater versions
- Add new FAQ entry about how MacUpdater protects from Paid Updates
- Add new FAQ entry about how MacUpdater protects from Incompatible Updates
MacUpdater 1.1.0
- Add option to make backups of downloaded installers
- Add option to make backups of replaced old apps
- Fix updating apps that have a direct .PKG download like MAMP or OneDrive
- Add information about updates to menu when displaying icon in the menubars
- Add option to launch apps via context-menu
- Fixes for crashes related to having misconfigured version 1.0
- Prevent infinite loops during scanning
- Prevent scanning of troublesome folders
MacUpdater 1.0.1
- Fix crash when trying to update some apps
- Fix crash when subfolders of scanned folders are added for scanning too
- Fix updating some apps with installers
- Made ability to launch Microsoft or Adobe updater apps more obvious
- Fix display of app-icon in the documentation window
MacUpdater 1.0.0
- First offical stable release

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